About Us

our mission

We seek to educate and help entrepreneurs make their businesses a success.  We plan to accomplish this mission by constantly improving, staying up to date with the latest trends and constantly fighting for lower rates to make sure everyone has an opportunity to succeed. 

Our Practices

We do not compromise when it comes to quality.  We have a habit of keeping our promises.  We educate ourselves constantly to be able to educate you efficiently.  We put ourselves in your shoes to understand what everyone needs.  


happy mashigo


I believe that money cannot buy you happiness.  which is why I’m driven by passion and exploring.  These are the factors that makes me seek to improve everyday.  It is not your money that can make me happy,  but giving me the chance to help you solve your problems with my skills will.

I am a qualified visual artist, art teacher, graphic designer, web designer, web developer and I.T Technician who enjoys creating new business relationships with promising individuals.

Learn new skills

Technology is changing the world, especially in the business industry.  Join our academy to gain web designing skills, design skills, marketing skills and more…